What is SMT (Surface Mount Technology)? SMT Assembly Factory Tour

SMT technology is used to process pcba. The biggest difference between pcb and pcba is whether there are welded electronic components.

Pcb=empty board, pcba=assembled circuit board

The electronic components are welded on the circuit board through SMT (Surface Mount Technology) technology.

Only the circuit board with electronic components welded can have a channel to let electronic signals flow. The SMT production line is a streamlined production line, and each step must be completed before entering the next process.

Next, we will introduce the basic manufacturing process of SMT production line.

Step 1

Automatic loading machine:
It can meet the needs of fully automatic feeding of PCB bare boards and semi-finished products, and it can also adjust the width of the equipment track according to the width of the PCB.

Step 2

Printing solder paste:
Solder paste is printed on the pcb board through steel plate. Solder paste is an important raw material for welding electronic components.

Step 3

Fast printing machine/universal printing machine:
The fast printing machine can quickly weld electronic parts on the circuit board, and the SMT production line will have 1-4 fast printing machines.
Universal printers do the same job, but they do not pursue speed but study the accuracy of the stamping.

Step 4

Visual inspection:
Manual visual inspection shall be conducted to ensure the correct printing. To enter the oven for welding.

Step 5

The most important manufacturing process is to melt solder paste to form a intermetallic compound by heating, and weld electronic components and circuit boards together. This machine is also known as an oven.

Step 6

Automatic caching machine:
Realize lean production of SMT process automation and adapt to the temporary storage of PCB boards.
Multiple sports modes: sending board mode, first in first out, last in first out, NGOK receiving board and straight through.

Step 7

AOL (optical detection):
AOL optical inspection is used to quickly check the welding status and pick out the defective finished products.

Step 8

Visual inspection:
Check the finished products again by manual visual inspection to avoid AOL’s misjudgment.


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