Top PCB assemble company in USA (2022)

Top 10 PCB assembly company in USA

PCB assembly is a challenging task. Not all companies produce the same product. Also, PCBs depend on materials, efficiency, and working principles.

Mainly we list these top PCB assemble companies in the USA based on our experiences and expert knowledge. We will discuss companies’ capacity, expertise, and limitations so that you can choose the perfect one.

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Comparison between top 5 companies

 SanminaRush PCB IncJourney Circuits IncEpec Engineered TechnologiesOnBoard Circuits, Inc
Double Sided YesYesYesYes
Hybrid PCBNoNoYesYesYes
FlexibleYesYes   YesYesYes
Taconic YesYesYesYes
Isola NoYesYesYes
Rogers YesYesYesYes

Top 10 PCB assemble company in USA

1. Epec Engineered Technologies

Epec Engineered Technologies

Rev: $20M

Epic Engineered Technologies, founded in 1952, is one of the great PCB makers in Massachusetts, United States. This company makes printed circuit boards and produces custom battery packs, R.F. products, user interfaces, cable assemblies, and machine parts. Also, Epec has incredibly engaged in the communication systems CNG automotive part industry.

●Rigid & Rigid Flex Board
HDI PCB and Hybrid PCBs
●Single- and double-sided PCBs
●High TG, Copper, Halogen-free PCB
●Use Isola, Taconic, Rogers, Panasonic, etc.

Materials Use for Laminations
●CEM – 1,2,3
●Polyimide, Teflon

Epec Engineered Technologies – Profile on PCB Directory

2. Rush PCB Inc

Rush PCB Inc

Rev: $6.7M

Since 1997 Rush PCB has been a trusted and world-class manufacturer and custom supplier for PCB design and fabrication, making ball grid arrays and LED PCBs. All functions apply from Milpitas, CA. This place is also known as Silicon Valley.

Rush PCB Inc’s primary field is communication systems, medical, Defense, Aerospace, Industrial, and automotive. Also, Their target is fast delivery with medium and small orders and complete orders fill-up. Their staff and engineers ensure product quality, manufacturability, and consistency. For higher speeds, they follow impedance and manual check procedures.

Specialties & Capacity
●PCB design
●PCB manufacturing (2 to 32 layers, sometimes 50+)
●PCB assembles
●Rigid & Flex PCB
Full Turnkey PCB

Materials used for Lamination
●FR4 TG 140, 170, 180
●GEEK, Polyimide
●Rogers RF, Taconic R.F., Arlon R.F.

RUSH PCB Inc – Profile On PCB Directory

PCB Manufacturer, PCB Prototype & PCB Assembly | RUSH PCB USA

3. Journey Circuits Inc

Journey Circuits Inc

Rev: $4.8M

Journey Circuits Inc is high quality Printed Circuit Board manufacturing company located in Illinois, United States. The targeted field is the Electrical instrument industry, Medical equipment, Aerospace, communications, and computing systems.

Their journey began in February 2013 with few employees. In the meantime, the improvement is much faster, with revenue around $4.7 M. They have in-house departments for DRC and visual checking. That’s why customers get high-quality and reliable PCBs.

Expertise On:
●Flex & LED PCB
Rigid-Flex PCB
Multilayer PCB
●Display boards

Materials for laminations:
●Rogers Geek.
●Isola 410
●FR4 – 170 TG (HIGH TG)
●FR-406, 408
●Polyamide, etc.

Journey Circuits Inc – Profile on PCB Directory

4. RedBoard Circuits

RedBoard Circuits

Rev: $5M

RedBoard Circuits is a full-service quick-turn PCB manufacturer in Arizona, United States. Since 2009 they have played all functions from the U.S., and their products are manufactured in Taiwan and China.

RedBoard Circuits provides high-density Interconnects and flexible printed circuits. Also, their Rigid-flexible circuits and I.C. substrate are the demandable product.

I.C. substrate: It’s one baseboard used for bare integrated chips. These provide thermal dissipation tunnels between the chip and the PCB.

●Single, double, and Multi-layer PCBs
●Flex & Rigid- Flex PCB
● High density interconnect
●R.F. and M.W.

RedBoard Circuits, LLC – Profile on PCB Directory

5. Sanmina


Rev: $6.76B

Sanmina was founded by Jure sola in 1980 as a PCB manufacturer. Since 1980 they have played their all function in San Jose, California, and are located in Silicon Valley. Now they are one of the giant U.S. companies with a revenue of around ~ $6.76B every year. They also do global operations and have more than 35k employees worldwide.

Sanmina recognizes as a technology leader and has vast encouragement in the industrial, medical equipment, automotive, networks, defense, and Aerospace industries. Also, Sanmina is ranked 482 among Fortune 500 companies.

●70 layers
●Fabrication, Prototypes
●Rigid Board
●Flexible Board
●Rigid-Flex Board
HDI Board

Sanmina Corporation – Profile on PCB Directory

6. J.Y. Circuit

J.Y. Circuit

Rev: $6M

JAY Circuit, also known as J.Y. Circuit Inc, is C.A., a United States-based company. J.Y. Circuit has provided rigid printed circuit board services infotainment systems, medical devices, automotive, and for home appliances since 1998.

JIY ensures a professional PCB manufacturer and offers Custom PCB manufacturing, assembly, fabrication, and PCB Prototyping as per customer requirements.

●Rigid PCB
●Metal, Teflon Board
●Probe card PCB
●Burn in Board
●Build up board and Backboard

J.Y. Circuit – Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

7. Advanced Circuitry International (ACI)

Advanced Circuitry International (ACI)

Rev: $16M

Advanced Circuitry International is a company based in Georgia and Atlanta in the United States. Since 1992 ACI has been fighting other giant companies and has become a good servant in various sectors. Of Electronics fields, ACI has gained its reputation in R.F., Microwave, Antenna, Aerospace, Telecommunication, Medical devices, etc. Also, ACI frequently produces rapid prototyping, Multi-layer PCBs on demand.

●Multi-layer PCB
●low tolerance layers & layers registration
●Finding unique solutions and making unique PCB
●Large format PCB
●RF, Microwave & Antenna, especially communication

Advanced Circuitry International – Profile on PCB Directory

8. NexLogic


Rev: $15M

Since 1995 NexLogic has been one of the best-printed circuit board manufacturers in San Jose, California. They have a 3D X-Ray machine and multiple SMT lines for deep inspection. They are a little bit expensive but ensure excellent quality and services.

Nexlogic manufactures up to 40 layers of PCB that perform for communications, pc components, military, etc.

●Rigid and Rigid-flex Board
●Single and double-sided board
●PCB manufacturing (40+ layers)

Materials used for laminations

NexLogic – Profile on PCB Directory

9. Active Sales Associates, Inc.

Active Sales Associates, In

Rev: $140M

Since 1988 Active sales associates Inc has performed its operations in Florida, United States. Their product quality and on-time delivery are imposing.

Rigid PCB
●Single Sided Board
●Up to 36 layers

Materials used in lamination:

Active Sales Associates, Inc – Profile on PCB Directory

10. OnBoard Circuits, Inc

OnBoard Circuits, Inc

Rev: <$5M

OnBoard Circuits, Inc was founded in 2002 in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States, offering cost-effective production. Their prototypes and productions are managed by highly qualified engineers and delivered on time.

Also, They build up to 72+ layers and ensure excellent quality materials. That efficiently performs in communication, military, machine industry, and other automotive sectors.

●Rigid and Rigid-flex Boards
●Flexible and HDI Boards
●Single- and double-sided Boards
●Make Hybrid PCB Boards
●Provide Taconic, Rogers, and Nanya materials

Materials used in lamination
●CEM 1,2,3

OnBoard Circuits, Inc – Profile on PCB Directory

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