Top 10 semiconductor companies in China

Top 10 semiconductor companies in China

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Shanghai, China

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Since being founded in 1995, OMNIVISION has been at the leading-edge of technology, developing and delivering advanced digital imaging, analog, and touch & display solutions for multiple applications across several industries. As a global fabless semiconductor organization, OMNIVISION’s award-winning innovative technologies have enabled smoother human/machine interfacing solutions within the automotive, medical, security & surveillance, computing, mobile phone, and emerging technology spaces.



Established time2000-12-21
HeadquartersShanghai, China
Company website

Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) is one of the leading foundries in the world and is the front runner in manufacturing capability, manufacturing scale, and comprehensive service in the Chinese Mainland. SMIC Group provides semiconductor foundry and technology services to global customers on 0.35 micron to FinFET process node technologies.

Headquartered in Shanghai, China, SMIC Group has an international manufacturing and service base, with three 8-inch wafer fabrication facilities (fabs) and three 12-inch fabs in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin and Shenzhen, and four 12-inch fabs under construction in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Tianjin. SMIC Group also has marketing and customer service offices in the U.S., Europe, Japan, and Taiwan, China, and a representative office in Hong Kong, China.

3. GigaDevice


Established time2005-04-06
HeadquartersBeijing, China

GigaDevice, founded in Silicon Valley in 2005, is a leading fabless supplier. Committed to building a complete ecosystem with three major product lines—Flash memory, MCU and sensor—as the core driving force, GigaDevice can provide solutions for a broad set of applications in the fields of industrial, automotive, computing, consumer electronics, IoT, mobile, networking and communications.

GigaDevice is among the companies that pioneered SPI NOR Flash memory and is currently ranked number three in the world in this market segment with accumulated shipments nearly 16 billion since its inception. GigaDevice GD32 MCU, a key player in high performance 32-bit general purpose microcontroller market, has more than 2,000 customers, with more than 600 million units shipped, and over 370 part numbers from 28 family series in a variety of applications.

In addition, GigaDevice delivers touchscreen controller sensor and fingerprint sensor to world-renowned mobile makers around the globe, with its touchscreen controller sensor ranked No. 4, and the optical fingerprint sensor ranked No. 3 in the world.

4. Guoxin Micro

Guoxin Micro

Established time2001-09-17
HeadquartersHebei, China

Unigroup Guoxin Microelectronics Co.,Ltd.(referred to as “Guoxin Micro”) is a listed company in the semiconductor industry under Unisplendour Corporation, focusing on the design and development of integrated circuit chips. It is a leading provider of integrated circuit chip products and solutions.

Products and applications are spread all over the world, and it has formed a leading competitive situation and market position in core business fields such as intelligent security chips, high-reliability special integrated circuits, high-stable memory chips, safe and independent FPGA, power semiconductor devices, and ultra-stable crystal frequency devices.

5. Maxscend


Established time2012-08-10
HeadquartersJiangsu, China

Maxscend is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research, development, production and sales of radio frequency integrated circuits. Through years of technical experience accumulation, the company continues to improve the company’s product matrix, mainly providing RF front-end discrete devices such as RF switches, RF low-noise amplifiers, RF filters, RF power amplifiers and various module products to the market. At the same time, the company also provides external Bluetooth low energy microcontroller chip.

At present, Maxscend has initially completed the in-depth layout of the entire RF front-end category, forming a competitive advantage in resources and technology platforms, and has become China’s leading RF front-end supplier covering the complete industrial chain from R&D design, wafer manufacturing, packaging and testing to sales.

Maxscend has R & D or sales centers in Wuxi, Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hong Kong, the United States, South Korea, and Japan, forming an efficient business collaboration network. Customers cover the world’s major Android mobile phone manufacturers.

Maxscend’s RF front-end discrete devices and RF modules are mainly used in smart mobile terminal products such as smart phones, and can also be used in smart wearables, communication base stations, automotive electronics, Bluetooth headsets, VR/AR equipment and Netcom networking equipment and fields that require wireless connectivity. The company’s low-power Bluetooth microcontroller chips are mainly used in electronic products such as smart homes and wearable devices.

6. Silan


Established time1997-09-25
HeadquartersZhejiang, China

As a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design of IC chip and the manufacturing of semiconductor microelectronics-related products, Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone. The company is the first IC chip design enterprise listed in China.

Thanks to the rapid development of China’s electronic information industry, Silan has become one of the largest IC design and manufacturing enterprises in China, and many indicators such as technical level, business scale, profitability, etc. are among the best in China’s counterparts.

The IC chip production line belonging to Silan built in the Qiantang New District of Hangzhou currently has an actual monthly output of 210,000 pieces, ranking fifth in the world in production capacity for chips of 6 inches or less.

Silan’s technologies and products cover many fields of consumer products and maintain a leading position in many technical fields, such as green power supply chip technology, MEMS sensor technology, LED lighting and screen display technology, high-voltage smart power module technology, the third-generation power semiconductor device technology, digital audio, and video technology, etc.

Moreover, with rich experience in multiple fields of chip design, Silan can provide customers with solutions on targeted chip product series and systemic applications.



Established time2001-09-28
HeadquartersBeijing, China
Company website

NAURA Technology Group Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as NAURA), is a leading enterprise of integrated circuit high-end technological equipment in China. It was formed through a strategic restructuring between Beijing Sevenstar Electronics Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as Sevenstar Electronics) and Beijing North Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as NMC).

NAURA mainly engages in semiconductor equipment, vacuum equipment, new energy lithium battery equipment and precision components businesses, which provide solutions for semiconductors, new energy resources, new materials as well as other related fields. At present, NAURA owns four major industrial manufacturing bases, and its marketing service system covers the major countries and regions in Europe, America and Asia.



Established time2007-01-26
HeadquartersBeijing, China

SG Micro Corp (SGMICRO) specializes in high performance, high quality analog IC design, marketing and sales, and offers innovative solutions for a broad range of applications in wireless communication, consumer, medical, automotive and industrial markets.

SGMICRO’s close partnership with customers and technology expertise in analog IC are the driving forces for continuous improvements and innovations. Benefited from years of heavy investments in R&D and advanced technologies, SGMICRO has introduced more than 4000 analog IC products with excellent reliability and consistency, including precision signal conditioning products such as amplifiers, buffers, comparators, switches and interface products, as well as the energy efficient power management ICs.

9. Montage Technology

Montage Technology

Established time2004-05-27
HeadquartersShanghai, China

Founded in 2004, Montage Technology is a leading IC design company dedicated to providing high-performance, low-power IC solutions for cloud computing and data center markets. At present, the company has two product lines of interconnect chips and Jintide server platform.

10. JCET


Established time1998-11-06
HeadquartersJiangsu, China

JCET Group is the world’s leading integrated-circuit manufacturing and technology services provider, offering a full range of turnkey services that include semiconductor package integration design and characterization, R&D, wafer probe, wafer bumping, package assembly, final test and drop shipment to vendors around the world.

JCET’s comprehensive portfolio covers a wide spectrum of semiconductor applications such as mobile, communication, compute, consumer, automotive and industry etc., through advanced wafer level packaging, 2.5D/3D, System-in-Packaging, and reliable flip chip and wire bonding technologies. JCET Group has two R&D centers in China and Korea, six manufacturing locations in China, Korea and Singapore, and sales centers around the world, providing close technology collaboration and efficient supply-chain manufacturing to customers in China and around the world.

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