Top 10 PCB manufacturers in Taiwan

Top 10 PCB manufacturers in Taiwan

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1. ZD Tech

ZD Tech

Established time 2006-06-05
Headquarters Taoyuan, Taiwan
Company website

ZD Tech was established on June 5, 2006. It mainly produces flexible circuit boards (FPC), high-density connection boards (HDI), rigid PCB (R-PCB) and IC substrates, which are widely used in computer information , consumer electronics, networking, automotive, medical and other fields.

R&D centers have been set up in Taiwan and Shenzhen, China, and manufacturing bases cover Shenzhen, Qinhuangdao, Huaian and Yingkou in mainland China. The service bases span Taiwan, mainland China, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Finland, Vietnam and other places, covering the three continents of Europe, America and Asia, providing the fastest and high-quality services for global customers.

2. Unimicron


Established time1990-01-25
HeadquartersTaoyuan, Taiwan

Unimicron is an electronics company in Taiwan that started out as a printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer. It was once the world’s number one PCB manufacturer. And now it is ranked among the top five in the world.

Unimicron has grown rapidly and has become a world-class circuit board supplier so far. The company’s competitive advantages include the production of HDI, multi-layer PCB (up to 30 Layers), soft and hard laminated PCB, CSP (for mobile phones and PDAs), multi-layer CSP, modules, and PBGA (plastic ball grid array package ). The company has also invested heavily in Flip chip package technology, and started mass production in 2006, thereby gaining a leading position in the world.

3. Compeq


Established time1973-08-30
HeadquartersTaoyuan, Taiwan

Established at Taoyuan Lu-Chu village in August 1973, Compeq Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was the first specialized printed-circuit board (PCB) manufacturing company in Taiwan to support the government’s policy in developing the high-tech industry.

Beginning with producing single-sided and double-sided printed circuit boards, and progressing by persistent dedication to technology research and development, Compeq then started mass production of 6-layer printed circuit boards for computers in 1983, leading the Taiwan PCB industry into the new stage for multi-layer PCB production.

4. Tripod


Established time1991-12-16
HeadquartersTaoyuan, Taiwan

Tripod is an excellent high-tech enterprise listed in Taiwan. It is mainly engaged in the production of printed circuit boards (PCB), and its products are sold at home and abroad. Tripod is the world’s No. 1 printed circuit manufacturer, the world’s No. 1 memory stick, the world’s No. 1 liquid crystal display PCB, and the top 100 PCB turnover companies in mainland China.

The growth rate is the No. 1 among Taiwan’s PCB companies, with an annual growth rate of more than 30%. A well-known printed circuit board manufacturer that can provide world-class processes and technologies to global customers.

5. HannStar Board

HannStar Board

Established time 1989-03-22
Headquarters Taoyuan, Taiwan
Company website

HannStar Board mainly produces printed circuit boards for notebook computers. In 2007, the company’s shipments of notebook computer boards reached more than 41.5 million pieces, and the global market share reached 40%, ranking firmly in the global field of notebook computer PCBs.

Hannstar Board manufactures a wide range of double-sided to sixteen-layer multilayer printed circuit boards. The product types include special printed circuit boards for notebook computers, mobile phones, flat-screen TVs, game consoles, communication equipment, set-top boxes, and servers. The production equipment is mainly imported from Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Israel and the United States, all of which are the most advanced machinery and equipment in the industry.

6. Nanya PCB

Nanya PCB
Established time 1997-10-28
Headquarters Taipei, Taiwan
Company website
Nan Ya PCB Corporation used to be one of the business divisions of Nan Ya Plastics Corporation which is part of Formosa Plastics Group and turned into a subsidiary by 1997 as the manufacturer of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and IC Substrates. On the back of the effort made for 50 years, Formosa Plastics Group held position number 323 on the “Fortune 500” list in 2009.

7. WUS Group

WUS Group

Established time1978-05-01
HeadquartersKaohsiung, Taiwan
Company website

Established in 1972 by the name of WUS (Wu-Shi), the predecessor of WUS Printed Circuit Co., Ltd., the progress of the company’s products and their applications was significantly linked and fueled by the economic growth of Taiwan in the electronics arena.

The terminal application of the circuit board produced by WUS Group has been upgraded from the initial add-on card, motherboard and other information products to GPS, color mobile phone, camera mobile phone, Smart phone, 3G mobile phone and other communication products, as well as LCD monitor, LCD TV Optoelectronic products such as LCD Notebook, as well as digital home entertainment products such as digital cameras and digital video cameras.

In addition to the main boards of mass production such as multi-layer PCBs, mobile phone PCBs, and optoelectronic PCBs, the product technology research and development direction also develops unique process technologies including high-value-added communication module carrier boards, advanced carrier boards for embedded passive components, and high-density Processes such as ultra-thin printed circuit boards strive for industrial differentiation.

At the same time, WUS Group focuses its research and development on niche products such as medical, industrial, and military electronics.

8. Flexium Technology

Flexium Technology

Established time1997-12-19
HeadquartersKaohsiung, Taiwan
Company website

Flexium Technology is Taiwan’s first listed FPC professional manufacturer. Its major customers include multinational large-scale EMS factories and well-known brand companies in Japan, Europe and the United States. Products include flexible printed circuit boards (FPC) and flexible board modules (FPCA), covering technologies such as materials, circuit design, module testing, high-frequency and high-speed products, and automation equipment. It has successfully operated mobile phones, tablets, laptops, market for wearable devices.

9. Kinsus


Established time2000-09-11
HeadquartersTaoyuan, Taiwan
Company website

Kinsus is an enterprise mainly engaged in the manufacture and sales of substrates. The headquarters is located in Xinwu Dist., Taoyuan City, with about 3,500 employees. Its main shareholder is ASUS Computer.

The company is mainly engaged in semiconductor materials, computers, electronics, communications, etc.

10. GCE


Established time 1981-09-05
Headquarters Taoyuan, Taiwan
Company website

GCE was established in 1981. In the past, its focus has been on computer-related products. (Servers, workstations, notebook personal computers, and desktop personal computers, etc.). Over the past several years, GCE has diversified into additional markets including telecommunications, networking, cell phones, high-current power supplies, storage, and many other fields.

Due to the rapid evolution of electronic products and the continuing trend towards technology differentiation, GCE has increased its focus on Research & Development as well as short lead times to improve its ability to support customers in critical time-to-market applications.

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