A Detailed Guide on Round PCB – What You Need to Know

A detailed guide on round PCB – what you need to know

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Printed circuit board, otherwise shortened as PCB, comes in different sizes and shapes. Some odd shapes that you can find in the market include octagonal, rectangular, and round PCBs. However, it is more common to get rectangular and square PCBs instead.

With the continuous advancements in technology, the demand for a round PCB has become even more prevalent. This article is going to introduce you to a round PCB in greater detail.

What is round PCB?

Round PCB

Before we go deeper into more analysis of a round PCB, it would be important to first understand what it is. Well, from the name itself, you can already tell that the shape of this PCB is round or circular.

Because of their effectiveness, these PCBs are fast emerging as a preference of several companies making domestic and commercial devices. Fabricating a round PCB is not easy though, as it is a complex process. It is for this reason that the price of these circular PCBs become higher than other conventional shapes such as rectangular.

Some things are constant in every PCB, including round ones. These include the widths, electronic components, and traces.

So, why do some people prefer using a round PCB? It’s mostly because these PCBs have an extra board space. This makes them more favorable for technological uses than their rectangular counterparts.

Why make a PCB round?

What’s the point of making a round PCB? Out of all the other common shapes such as rectangle and square, why would someone choose their PCB to be round? One reason for this is more board space. Because some electronic components may demand greater circuit area, circular PCBs are required. We will get to some of these electronic devices that will require a circular board in the following part.

Types of round PCBs

There are different types available in the market, including the following:

Single-sided round PCB

Single-sided Round PCB

This is a popular round PCB. It has a single copper conductive layer on one side and electrical components on the other side. This is why they are referred to as single sided PCB.

These PCBs are particularly great for low-density designs. They have one substrate in their composition. They are a lot easier to make, which makes them a little bit cheaper than other types of circular PCBs. To make these PCBs, manufacturers employ the use of through-hole technology or surface mount technology.

Double-sided round PCB

You may infer from the term “double-sided” that these PCBs have conducting elements on both surfaces. Some designers prefer these PCBs and use them in most of the consumer electronic devices. Some examples of application areas include lighting systems and wearable devices.

Multi-layer round PCB

Multi-layer Round PCB

These circular PCBs are multi-layer, which really is conducting surfaces that are more than two. This makes them an ideal choice for high-speed uses in devices. They have a higher assembly density and greater board space. In addition, multi-layer round PCBs also handle high-capacity applications.

Due to their high-tech nature, multi-layer round PCBs are not only harder to make, but also tend to cost higher than the other circular PCBs.

What is a round LED PCB?


Round LED PCB is a circuit board with a LED soldered on it. These PCBs are designed exclusively for lighting circuitry. The advantage this particular round PCB has is that it helps in heat dissipation. And in turn, this boosts the performance of the device.

This kind of PCB is extremely versatile and uses less energy. As you may already have guessed it, these PCBs are more common in light fixtures such as bedside lamps, desk lamp. The benefits of a circular LED PCB are innumerable and consist of the following:

  • They are environmentally friendly.
  • They can resist vibrations and thermal shock.
  • They are small in size.
  • Flexibility in their design.
  • Permit for heat dissipation more easily.
  • Saves energy effectively.

Applications of round PCBs

A round PCB has several areas of application in different industries. So, let’s look at its applications across different fields/industries.


Round PCBs’ strength is used by light-emitting diodes. The applications here are wide. And round PCBs are preferred due to their flexibility. They have enhanced electrical and thermal features, which makes them an ideal option to use.


A round PCB saves more space and offers enough routing. This makes it a great pick for the telecommunication industry.

Consumer electronics

A majority of household equipment use circular PCBs, including electronic devices that we use in our daily lives, such as smartwatches, etc.

Wearable devices

A wearable device needs to be small, hence the need to use a round PCB. Most people use wearable devices today not only to keep track of time, but also their health.

Medical industry

Most medical appliances use a round PCB. The fact that these boards are lighter and more long-lasting makes them a perfect choice. Some examples of medical appliances using round PCBs include hearing aid devices, and monitoring devices.

How do you make a round PCB?

The following is a process tutorial for creating a round PCB with Eagle CAD:
Step 1
Click on the CAD software and head to ‘all programs’ section.
Step 2
Click on file then open. Create a layout file if one isn’t available. Thereafter insert the layout name of your choice.
Step 3
Depending on the size of the PCB, modify the board’s structure. To change the size, left-click on either edge of the outline and drag it to the left or right.
Step 4
Type “MITER 2” in the command prompt at the start of the pattern as the mouse icon transforms to the plus sign.

To change the layout to a circle, left-click on a corner of the square. To make your rounded corner larger, repeat the process with “MITER 3” or a higher proportion. The same applies to reducing the size by using a smaller number.

What are the design rules of round PCB?

Design Rules of Round PCB

There are several guidelines for circular PCB construction that you must adhere to. Here are they are:

  • Draw the board’s shape in the CAD tool.
  • Define the ground and power planes in separate layers.
  • Create your electronic circuit to approximate the product’s parameter.
  • Use good panelization schemes for the design.

How to choose the best round PCB manufacturer?

How to choose the best round PCB manufacturer

Because round PCBs are difficult to make, picking a reliable and appropriate round PCB manufacturer is essential. Quality should come first whenever you’re searching for such a manufacturer. Even though there are several manufacturers, here are some factors to look at before you settle on one:

Customer service

You should be able to reach the manufacturer easily and get instant quotations. You should also easily get customized service and professional tech support. Reviews and past customer testimonials can tell you a lot about the manufacturer’s customer service.

Delivery time

How fast can the manufacturer deliver the round PCB to you after placing an order? You won’t want to choose someone who will make you misse the deadline.


It is very important that you choose a manufacturer who delivers quality round PCB. They should carry out quality tests to identify any defects. They should also use the best materials in the manufacturing process.


Long-term experience in the industry is a major consideration when choosing a round PCB manufacturer. Make sure you choose a manufacturer that has done the work several times before and done it perfectly.


It is our sincere hope that this blog post has brought you more knowledge about round PCB. The application of a round PCB is increasingly getting wide even going to the future. It is now more crucial than ever to work with a partner who supports you effectively. That is why we at IBE are always ready to serve you and offer our expertise to improve your products.

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