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We are aware that every single detail contributes to the quality, lead time and costs of both your product and the production process. That is why testing is at the heart of our production philosophy.

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Quality Control

Quality Electronics Manufacturing

At IBE Electronics, our zero-defect mentality provides the highest-quality PCB services possible. This goes for everything that we do—from engineering and design to manufacturing and testing. We dedicate ourselves to building every client’s solution. Our hard work has paid off; IBE continues to grow and serve technology companies worldwide, including customers whose partnerships with us continue across the years, across multiple projects.


We do every job carefully and with pride. It’s how we consistently deliver such high-quality results. IBE is recognized as one of the top advanced electronics manufacturing and engineering services companies in Silicon Valley, and in the world. And we’re dedicated to delivering this level of quality and dedication to every client we serve.

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Quality classifications (extract from IPC-A-610)

Accept and/or reject decisions shall be based on applicable documentation such as contracts, drawings, specifications, standards and reference documents. Criteria defined in this document reflect three classes, which are as follows:

Class 1 — General electronic products includes products suitable for applications where the major requirement is function of the completed assembly.

Class 2 — Dedicated service electronic products includes products where continued performance and extended life is required, and for which uninterrupted service is desired but not critical. Typically the end-use environment would not cause failures.

Class 3 — High performance/harsh environment electronic products includes products where continued high performance or performance-on-demand is critical, equipment downtime cannot be tolerated, end-use environment may be uncommonly harsh, and the equipment must function when required, such as life support or other critical systems.

The customer (user) has the ultimate responsibility for identifying the class to which the assembly is evaluated. If the user and manufacturer do not establish and document the acceptance class, the manufacturer may do so.


Quality acceptance criteria (extract from IPC-A-610)


When IPC-A-610 is cited or required by contract as a stand-alone document for inspection and/or acceptance, the requirements of IPC J-STD-001 “Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies” do not apply unless separately and specifically required. In the event of conflict, the following order of precedence applies:

Procurement as agreed and documented between customer and supplier. Master drawing or master assembly drawing reflecting the customer’s detailed requirements. When invoked by the customer or per contractual agreement, IPC-A-610. When documents other than IPC-A-610 are cited, the order of precedence shall be defined in the procurement documents.


IBE Electronics build standards


IBE Electronics fabricate all bare printed circuit boards to IPC-A-600 quality standard. All electronic assemblies are built to achieve IPC-A-610 Class 2 quality standard. Note that only Class 1 standard is guaranteed unless otherwise agreed in writing prior to manufacture. For more information on IPC visit www.ipc.org


Quality management system


IBE Electronics. is certified to ISO9001:2015 , ISO14001:2016, ISO45001:2018 and IATF16949:2016 quality standards. We have also incorporated functional elements of BS EN ISO13485 : 2016 into the Quality Management System. These represent internationally recognised quality management systems (QMS) consistently supplying products to the industrial, aerospace, space, military and medical industries. Please note that the AS9100 accreditation covers electronics assembly and procurement activities but does not extend to design, fabrication and conformal coating activities unless those activities are subcontracted to an external accredited supplier.


Quality Certifications

IBE's quality management system is to ensure with efficient PCB manufacturing and assembly which meet customer’s requirements. Our standards:


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