Wireless Remote Control Toy Car PCB Circuit Board

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Product Description

The toy car PCB is a small, specialized circuit board designed to bring joy and excitement to young car enthusiasts. This compact electronic component serves as the brain of toy cars, controlling their movements, sounds, and lights. With its innovative design and advanced features, the toy car PCB offers a seamless and interactive playtime experience. It is meticulously crafted to ensure safety, durability, and compatibility with a wide range of toy car models.

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Toy Car PCB


Printed Circuit Board (PCB)





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Varies depending on size and dimensions



What is Toy Car PCB?

A toy car PCB, or printed circuit board, is essentially the “brain” of a toy car. It is a flat board that contains electronic components and circuitry that allow the toy car to function. The PCB acts as a central hub that connects all the different parts of the toy car, such as motors, sensors, and lights, while also controlling their interactions. It’s like the control center that makes the toy car come to life!

Features of  Toy Car PCB

1. Power supply: The PCB would include components for connecting and regulating the power supply, such as batteries or a power source connector.
2. Motor control: The PCB would have circuitry to control the motors that drive the toy car. This could include motor drivers, H-bridges, or transistors to control the speed and direction of the motors.
3. Sensor integration: Some toy cars feature sensors, such as proximity sensors or line-following sensors. The PCB might include connectors or circuitry to integrate these sensors into the overall control system.
4. Microcontroller: The PCB would typically have a microcontroller, which acts as the brain of the toy car. It would process commands and control various functions based on input from the user or sensors.
5. Communication capabilities: Depending on the design, the PCB may include features for wireless communication, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, allowing the toy car to be controlled remotely or interact with other devices.
6. LED lights: Many toy cars have LED lights for added visual appeal. The PCB would include circuitry to control these lights, allowing them to be turned on/off or even create different lighting effects.
7. Sound effects: The PCB may include a speaker or a sound module to generate various sound effects, such as engine noises, honking, or even music.

Functions of Toy Car PCB

1. Power distribution: The PCB helps distribute power from the battery to different components of the toy car, such as the motor, lights, and sound module.
2. Motor control: The PCB includes circuitry that controls the speed and direction of the toy car’s motor. This allows the car to move forward, reverse, and turn.
3. Sensor integration: Some toy cars have built-in sensors, such as proximity sensors or line-following sensors. The PCB connects these sensors to the microcontroller, enabling the car to detect and respond to its environment.
4. LED lights and sound effects: The PCB may have components for controlling LED lights and producing fun sound effects. This adds to the overall experience and enjoyment of playing with the toy car.
5. Remote control functionality: If the toy car can be operated using a remote control, the PCB facilitates communication between the remote control and the car itself. This can involve wireless protocols like infrared or radio frequency.
6. Safety features: The PCB can incorporate safety features like overcurrent protection and short-circuit prevention to protect both the toy car and its users.

Applications of Toy Car PCB

☞Remote Control Toy Cars

☞Educational Tool

☞DIY Robotics

☞Art Projects

IBE’s Capabilities on Toy Car PCB

– Customizable design and dimensions
– High-quality materials and components
– Advanced manufacturing processes and equipment
– Strict quality control and testing procedures
– Fast turnaround time and on-time delivery

Why Choose IBE as Your Toy Car PCB Manufacturer?

– High-quality products
– Competitive Pricing
– Fast turnaround time
– Experienced team of engineers and technicians
– Excellent customer service


  • Type Factory
  • SMT lines 14
  • Dip lines 6
  • Sqft 807293
  • Services PCB Fabrication
  • Location China
  • Build Year 2005

Features & Amenities

Factory Amenities:
  • Loader
  • Solder paste printer
  • SMT machine
  • Reflow oven
  • Unloader
  • AOI Testing
  • X-ray BGA
  • Wave soldering
  • SPI
  • Conformal coating
  • Functional Testing
  • ICT Testing
  • Turn-key
  • Partial turn-key

Map Location

IBe Industry Building, Shenzhen, China,Consumer Electronics

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