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Electrical appliance, which plays an indispensable role in people’s daily life, brings more convenience in life and job. For those switches on some appliances, we can notice that some of them adopt inductive touch switch. Actually, there are multiple types of inductive touch switches that have the same operative principles.

In this article, we mainly focus on the principle of inductive touch switch PCB/PCBA, so that you can select a more suitable electronic appliance with an inductive touch switch.

Introduction of the inductive touch switch

Even though the inductive touch switch is commonplace in our life, few of us know about it. What we mentioned here is a kind of switch which is installed on the wall and controls by modern intelligence technology.

When the switch is working, its electricity would be consumed. The single-fire intelligent switch is to supply power for the control circuit of the inductive touch sensor PCB/PCBA through electronic ballast. Before we get to know its working principle, we should know the dilemma it has faced.

As we all know, the single-fire intelligent switch is powered by the voltage difference between the two ends when the switch is off. It might be difficult for it to take electricity if the switch is on. This technical problem, therefore, always exists and becomes the main bottleneck restricting the single-fire intelligent touch switch development at home and abroad.

The capacitive induction touch switch also one of extensively used switches in daily life. It protects the human body from directly contacting metal, which effectively eliminates potential safety hazards. Even if you are wearing a pair of gloves, it can also work. Meanwhile, it is more convenient to use without impacting by the resistance of the human body such as dry weather or humidity and other factors. Because the capacitive induction touch switch has no other mechanical components, it won’t result in mechanical wear. In this way, it has a long using lifespan and enables reduce the cost on maintenance.

Parameters of inductive touch switch PCB/PCBA

Now we have know some information about the inductive touch switch PCB/PCBA. You might curious about its parameters. Here are some details.

  • The rated voltage ofthe inductive touch switch is the safe voltage when the sensor switch normally works. While the rated current refers to the maximum safe current range allowed when the sensor switch is on.
  • Insulation resistance, whose value should be more than 100MΩ, refers to the resistance value of the conductor part and the insulation part. Generally, the contact resistance isrequired to be keep below 0.1-0.5Ω. The smaller the insulation resistance value, the better.
  • Withstand voltage refers to the highest voltage that the inductive touch switch can withstand between the conductor and the ground.
  • The lifespan refersto the number of times that the induction switch can be operated around 5,000-35,000 times under normal working conditions.

The role of inductive touch switch PCB/PCBA

Technology has witnessed a great improvement and society’s continuous progress, the inductive touch switch has found its way into people’s everyday life.

This kind of touch switch also known as a human body infrared intelligent sensor switch, which can be activated when it is detected. Having a unique design, the inductive touch switch PCB/PCBA can better avoid the misoperation of the button so that it enables direct access to the regulated power supply in the machine. It also has automatic correction and compensation functions. That’s the reason why high technical requirements are needed during production. Furthermore, the capacitance determines its sensitivity, which makes it less impacted by ambient temperature during production and is suitable for mass production.

Application of Inductive touch switch PCB/PCBA

The inductive touch switch becomes another successful application when it comes to electronics replacing machinery. In some extent, it can better compensate some shortcomings. Without any metal contacts on structure and manufacture, it not only greatly saves the material of copper alloy, but also enhances its using safety.

Characterized by assorted strengths like convenient operation, comfortable sense of experience, precise control and less mechanical wear, the inductive touch switch PCB/PCBA become favored on household appliances such as bathroom appliances, kitchen appliances, air conditioners, LED applications, lighting fixtures, laptops, audio and other fields like solar photovoltaic applications and smart grid.


When you have read here, you can know something about and more familiar with the inductive touch switch. It’s hard to live without electricity nowadays, and PCB is also an essential constructing component for some electronic appliance.

When it comes to select an electrical appliance with an inductive touch switch, what factor should we consider? Honestly, it’s necessary to choose an inductive touch switch PCB/PCBA with good quality. Otherwise, it probably fails to work after a period of time and brings inconvenience no matter in our life and job. Moreover, remember to use it properly, or it will damage the switch. Last but not least, a reliable manufacturer is also a key to take into account. IBE, which is a company provided PCBA, ODM, OEM and final assembly one-stop services, becomes a better choice for you.


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  • Location China
  • Build Year 2005

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Factory Amenities:
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  • Solder paste printer
  • SMT machine
  • Reflow oven
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  • AOI Testing
  • X-ray BGA
  • Wave soldering
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  • Conformal coating
  • Functional Testing
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IBe Industry Building, ShenZhen, China,Consumer Electronics

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