Customized Wireless Bluetooth Earphone PCB Headset Circuit Boards

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Product Description

Bluetooth earphone PCB, is the heart of wireless earphones, providing power and transmitting audio signals between the earbuds and your device. It is a complex and compact piece of technology that is designed to integrate multiple functions and features in a small space.


The Bluetooth earphone PCB comes with a range of exciting features, including noise-cancellation, automatic pairing, voice control, and touch control, among others. These features make it easier for you to take calls, listen to music, and control various functions of your earphones with just a few taps. 


The PCB is also designed to be energy-efficient, allowing you to enjoy long hours of uninterrupted music playback without worrying about battery life. It is reliable and durable, ensuring that your earphones will last for a long time.

Product Name

Bluetooth Earphone PCB


Printed Circuit Board (PCB)





Silkscreen Color


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10mm x 10mm





What is Bluetooth Earphone PCB?

A Bluetooth Earphone PCB is a printed circuit board (PCB) that typically houses the electronics for a wireless earphone. The PCB includes components such as the Bluetooth module, audio codec, power management, and other circuitry needed to transmit and receive audio signals wirelessly via Bluetooth technology. The quality and design of the PCB are crucial to the performance and reliability of the Bluetooth earphone.

Features of  Bluetooth Earphone PCB

1. Bluetooth connectivity for wireless audio streaming from a device such as a smartphone or tablet
2. Audio codec support for high-quality sound reproduction
3. Digital signal processing for noise reduction and echo cancellation 4. Rechargeable battery management circuitry
5. Audio amplification circuitry for powering the earphone speakers
6. Microphone preamplifier circuitry for clear voice capture during calls or voice commands
7. Low power consumption for extended battery life
8. Small form factor to fit within the earphone housing and provide a comfortable fit.

Functions of Bluetooth Earphone PCB

The Bluetooth Earphone PCB (Printed Circuit Board) has several functions. Firstly, it serves as the main circuit board that controls the Bluetooth connectivity between the earphones and the device they are paired with. It also manages the power supply to the earphones, ensuring that they are charged and ready to use. 

In addition, the PCB is responsible for processing the audio signals and converting them into sound that you can hear through the earphones. It also includes components such as microphones, volume controls, and buttons that allow you to adjust the settings and use the earphones more effectively.

Applications of  Bluetooth Earphone PCB

Bluetooth Earphone PCBs can be used in a wide range of scenarios. Some common application scenarios include:
1. Listening to music: Bluetooth Earphone PCBs allow you to listen to your favorite songs without any wires getting in the way.
2. Taking calls: Bluetooth Earphone PCBs come equipped with a built-in microphone which makes taking phone calls hands-free and easy.
3. Gaming: Bluetooth Earphone PCBs can be used to play games on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer with immersive sound quality.

4. Fitness: Bluetooth Earphone PCBs are perfect for fitness enthusiasts who enjoy listening to music or taking phone calls while exercising.
5. Travel: Bluetooth Earphones are ideal for travelers who want to listen to audiobooks, music, or watch movies without disturbing others around them.

IBE’s Capabilities on Bluetooth Earphone PCB

– Customizable design and dimensions
– High-quality materials and components
– Advanced manufacturing processes and equipment
– Strict quality control and testing procedures
– Fast turnaround time and on-time delivery

Why Choose IBE as Your Bluetooth Earphone PCB Manufacturer?

– High-quality products
– Competitive Pricing
– Fast turnaround time
– Experienced team of engineers and technicians
– Excellent customer service


  • Type Factory
  • SMT lines 14
  • Dip lines 6
  • Sqft 807293
  • Services PCB Fabrication
  • Location China
  • Build Year 2005

Features & Amenities

Factory Amenities:
  • Loader
  • Solder paste printer
  • SMT machine
  • Reflow oven
  • Unloader
  • AOI Testing
  • X-ray BGA
  • Wave soldering
  • SPI
  • Conformal coating
  • Functional Testing
  • ICT Testing
  • Turn-key
  • Partial turn-key

Map Location

IBe Industry Building, Shenzhen, China,Consumer Electronics

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