PCBA nanocoating and manufacturers

PCBA nanocoating and manufacturers

PCBA nanocoating refers to the application of nanoscale coatings onto electronic circuit boards to enhance their performance, reliability, and longevity. These coatings are typically very thin layers, often measured in nanometers (hence the term “nanocoating”), and are applied using specialized techniques to achieve specific properties.

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Purpose of PCBA nanocoating

The primary purpose of nanocoating PCBAs is to provide protection against environmental factors such as moisture, dust, chemicals, and corrosion. This protection helps in improving the reliability and lifespan of electronic assemblies, especially in challenging operating environments.

Types of PCBA Nanocoating

There are several types of nanocoatings used in PCBA manufacturing:
– Hydrophobic coatings: These repel water and moisture, preventing short circuits and corrosion.
– Hydrophilic coatings: These attract water, useful in certain sensor applications.
– Oleophobic coatings: These repel oils and greases, maintaining cleanliness.
– Conductive coatings: These maintain conductivity while providing protection.

Application Techniques of PCBA nanocoating

Nanocoatings can be applied using various techniques:
– Dip coating: Submerging the PCBAs into a nanocoating solution.
– Spray coating: Applying the nanocoating using a spray method.
– Vapor deposition: Depositing the coating in a gaseous form onto the PCB surface.
– Brush coating: Manual application using a brush.
– Spin coating: Spreading the nanocoating evenly using centrifugal force.

Benefits of PCBA nanocoating

– Protection: Shields components from moisture, dust, chemicals, and corrosion.
– Reliability: Improves the operational reliability of electronic devices.
– Durability: Extends the lifespan of PCBs in harsh environments.
– Performance: Maintains electrical performance and reduces the risk of failures.

Industries and Applications of PCBA nanocoating

PCBA nanocoatings find applications in various industries, including:
– Consumer electronics: Smartphones, tablets, wearables.
– Automotive: Control units, sensors, displays.
– Medical devices: Implantable devices, diagnostic equipment.
– Industrial: Automation, sensors, control systems.

PCBA nanocoating

PCBA nanocoating manufacturers


HeadquartersAbingdon, United Kingdom
Established time2004
Company websitehttps://www.p2i.com/

Company profile
P2i is a technology solutions provider with over ten years of experience developing liquid repellent nanocoatings in the electronics industry.

P2i is a global leader in liquid repellent nanotechnology. Founded in 2004, P2i works with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to enhance devices by enabling them to survive liquid exposure from everyday accidents and environmental conditions.

P2i works with manufacturers to produce liquid repellent nano-coating protection to products for the electronics, lifestyle, life sciences, filtration and Energy, and military and institutional sectors.

Product and business
Ultra-Thin Plasma Coatings

Conformally Coated Products


HeadquartersMA , United States
Established time2001
Company websitehttps://www.gvdcorp.com/

Company profile
GVD’s growth has been organic, driven by a market demand for customized nano- and micro-coating solutions. With years of experience developing coatings for a variety of market sectors from the laboratory to commercial use, GVD delivers advanced performance and sets a new standard for coating solutions.

Product and business

Highly Conformal Dielectric Coatings
Hydrophobic & Lubricious Coatings
Electrowetting Coatings
Multilayer Barrier Coatings


HeadquartersRaleigh, North Carolina
Established time2009
Company websitehttps://www.hzo.com/

Company profile
HZO manufactures thin film coatings applied to devices during their assembly processes to protect electronics from damage caused by exposure to corrosive liquids. HZO headquarters are located in Raleigh, North Carolina. The company also has Centers of Excellence in Shenzhen, China and Bac Ninh, Vietnam.

For a decade, HZO has been the leader in electronic component protection, providing scalable solutions to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). HZO takes a different stance from traditional electronic component protection methods by protecting the internal components of a device first, allowing you to produce a more warrantable and protected product.

Product and business

Intellectual Property
Protection Capabilities
Responsible Manufacturing
Turnkey Solutions

ACT Nano

HeadquartersMA , United States
Established time 
Company websitehttps://actnano.com/

Company profile

actnano is a revolutionary nanotechnology company that enables the protection of a variety of materials from water damage and harsh environmental conditions. Specializing in automotive and consumer electronics, their fluorine-free, thin-film coatings, called Advanced nanoGUARD can be applied to the full PCBA including connectors, antennas, LEDs and high-heat generating components, while providing up to IPx8 protection levels.

actnano’s advanced PCBA protection technologies are an innovative alternative to traditional conformal coatings. Their fluorine-free coatings can be applied directly on connectors, antennas, LEDs and high-heat generating components, allowing electronics manufacturers to comprehensively safeguard their devices against moisture, humidity, condensation, salt and sweat.

Product and business

NEI Corporation

HeadquartersSomerset, NJ, United States
Established time1997
Company websitehttps://www.neicorporation.com/

Company profile
Founded in 1997, NEI Corporation originally began as Nanopowder Enterprises Incorporated (or “NEI” for short), creating a strong foundation in the emerging field of nanotechnology.

NEI develops, manufactures, and sells advanced materials for a broad range of industrial customers around the world. NEI’s products, which are sold under the registered trademark NANOMYTE®, are backed by a suite of issued and pending patents. NEI’s products include: Functional & Protective Coatings, Lithium-ion Battery Materials, and Specialty Nanoparticle-based products.

Product and business
Battery Materials
Protective Coatings
Heat Transfer Fluids


HeadquartersCA , United States
Established time2004
Company websitehttps://www.aculon.com/

Company profile
Aculon is surface modification expert who develop and produce surface chemistry technologies to modify a broad variety of surfaces, such as metal, glass, and polymers. Their solutions include hydrophobic treatments, oleophobic treatments, waterproofing, hydrophilic treatments, anti-fingerprinting, and adhesion promotion.

Product and business
NanoClear Stencil Coating Treatment
NanoProof PCB Protection Coatings
Anti-Fouling Treatments & Coatings
Repellency Treatments & Specialty Coatings
Hydrophilic Surface Coatings
Adhesion Promotion Coatings


Despite their benefits, challenges in PCBA nanocoating include uniformity of coating thickness, compatibility with other manufacturing processes, and cost-effectiveness.


Overall, PCBA nanocoating plays a crucial role in enhancing the reliability and performance of electronic assemblies, contributing to their durability and functionality in diverse applications. As technology advances, nanocoatings continue to evolve to meet the increasing demands of modern electronics.

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