Explore the secrets of PCB Tg

Explore the secrets of PCB Tg

Hey readers, in this article I will tell you all things which you need to know about PCB Tg. In this article, you learn what PCB Tg is, how it works, what its importance is and other things. So read it till the end and gain your knowledge.

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What is PCB Tg?

PCB means (printed circuit board) and Tg( transition temperature of glass). Tgensures the temperature values to the steadiness of the PCB mechanical at some stage in the PCB lifetime operation. Tgis a mechanical assests that works as a temperature controller for PCB.


How is Tg calculated?

There are many methods available for calculating a Tg.But the common methods are DSC,DMA and TMA .DSC refers to Dynamic Mechanical Analysis,which means under the temperature control program, the transfer temperature of the sample is measured, and the change of heat flux in the transfer process is measured as a function of time and temperature.

DMA means Differential Scanning Calorimeter Mechanical Analysis,which by applying a sinusoidal alternating load on the polymer to get the dynamic mechanical response of the polymer.TMA refers to Thermal Mechanical Analysis,which means a constant load was applied to the polymer samples in the heating furnace or environmental chamber, and the temperature-deformation curves at different temperatures were recorded.

What temperature can a PCB withstand?

This question is very common and many people ask it and the answer is. The temperature that PCB can withstand is 150 degree Celsius. That is a high amount of heat but the PCB easily withstand it because PCB is also called high-temperature PCB. 

Some PCBs can withstand even more than a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius. It depends on the quality of the PCB. If you have a high-quality PCB it will withstand high temperature and if you have a low-quality PCB it will withstand a low amount of temperature. It’s a play of quality.

The importance of PCB Tg in PCB manufacturing

PCB Tg has a lot of importance in PCB manufacturing. PCB Tg works as a temperature controller for PCB which I told you about before. For example, if we don’t use Tgin PCB manufacturing it will reduce PCBs performance and quality and many faults we will see if we ignore TG. If I say Tgis the backbone of PCB manufacturing, it will not be false. That’s the purpose PCB Tg has a lot of significance in PCB manufacturing.

What is high Tg PCB?

High Tg (transition temperature of glass). If it’s able to withstand more than a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius it’s called high TG. High Tghelps to fabricate and convey a excessive exceptional PCB.

What is high Tg PCB material?

This is also the most common question many people asked and the answer is High Tg PCB material is those that have a high glass transition temperature, high heat resistance, low Z- axis CTE, high thermal shock resistance and exceptional thermal stress resistance. 

In other words, they can maintain their rigidity and strength even at high temperatures. This makes them ideal for use in electronic devices and circuits. High Tg material also helps you to protect and secure your PCB.

high Tg PCB

What are the factors affecting Tg?

There are a variety of factors that can affect Tg, or the (glass transition temperature) some include the type of atom present in the molecule, atoms bonded to each other affect Tg, crystallinity affect Tg, and molecular structure affects Tg. 

This is the point at which a material changes from being a solid to being a viscous liquid. The molecules in the material are still moving around and interacting with each other, but they do so in a more random way than when the material is in its solid state.

  • Type of atoms present in the molecule effect Tg

The type of atom present in the molecule effect Tg.For example, heavier atoms will tend to lower Tg, while lighter atoms will raise it.

  • Atoms are bonded to each other and affect Tg

Stronger bonds will lead to a higher Tg, while weaker bonds will result in a lower Tg. Finally, the presence of impurities can also impact Tg. If there are impurities present, they can act as “anchors” and hold onto molecules, preventing them from moving around as freely and thus lowering Tg.

  • Crystallinity Affect Tg

crystallinity affects Tg. The glass transition temperature (Tg) is the temperature at which polymer transitions from a brittle, solid state to a ductile, viscous state. It is also the temperature below which a polymer is amorphous. The higher the degree of crystallinity in a polymer, the higher its Tg will be.

  • Molecular Structure Affects Tg

The glass transition temperature (Tg) is the temperature at which a polymer goes from being a hard, brittle material to a rubbery, viscous one. It is determined by the molecular structure of the polymer and can be affected by changes in that structure.

For example, adding more side chains to a polymer will increase its Tg, while adding more cross-linking will decrease it. The glass transition is critical as it determines the variety of temperatures over which a polymer may be used.
These are some points and factors that affect Tgthe most.

  • Molecular Weight Affects Tg

Molecular weight affects Tg. The reason for this is that the intermolecular forces that hold the polymer chains together are van der Waals forces, which are directly proportional to the surface area of the molecule. So, as molecular weight increases, does the surface area of the molecule and thus the van der Waals forces increase, leading to an increase in Tg.

the factors affecting Tg

What is difference between Tg and TD in PCB

The Tg is the temperature at which the glass transition of the dielectric material occurs, while the TD is the temperature at which the thermal decomposition of the dielectric material begins. It is important to note that these two temperatures are not always equal. In fact, in many cases, the Tg will be higher than the TD. These are some differences between Tgand TD.


Hope you liked this article. In this article, I tried to tell you all things about PCB Tg. I hope now you will understand this topic. But if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask us. 

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