How to Choose a PCB Engraving Machine

How to choose a PCB engraving machine

PCB engraving machine, is also known as a circuit board engraving machine. It has the processing capabilities of PCB drilling, fine milling of graphics, through milling of graphic contours, blind holes and blind slots. When purchasing a PCB engraving machine, you should consider your own needs, such as the size of the circuit board to be produced, the minimum wire diameter and line distance that can be made, and the maximum working speed. In this article, we will discuss the functions of PCB engraving machines, how to choose a PCB engraving machine and how much a PCB engraving machine costs.

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Functions of PCB engraving machine

The PCB engraving machine has the function of quickly making circuit boards and radio frequency microwave circuit boards, and is also suitable for making panel signs of PVC, plexiglass, aluminum and other materials.

PCB engraving machine

The PCB engraving machine belongs to the high-precision multi-functional machining center with fixed-depth milling function. It is driven by electronic data, does not go through intermediate steps, and does not use intermediate materials. PCB engraving machine can be directly machined, replacing the whole process of making conductive patterns in the circuit board manufacturing process, and completes all machining processes:

1、Fixed-depth processing, used for making conductive patterns, making blind grooves, etc., installing special tools, removing materials by fixed-depth milling, selectively stripping unnecessary copper foil on copper-clad insulating substrates according to design requirements, and leaving copper foil part as a conductive pattern;

2. Drilling processing, used for drilling through holes, blind holes, special drill bits for the circuit board industry, and high-speed drilling of component holes, relay holes and mounting holes of different diameters on copper clad PCB;

3. Through milling, used for material separation, making inner contours, special-shaped holes, etc., the special contour milling cutter for clamping, through milling along the outer contour of the circuit board, forming a closed path to separate the circuit board from the substrate material;

4. Optional laser processing function, use focused laser beam photoetching to remove unnecessary copper foil, coating layer, etc., suitable for processing extremely fine structures.

How to choose a PCB engraving machine?

How to choose a PCB engraving machine

1. The maximum size of PCB board production indicates the largest circuit board that can be produced, which is limited by the size and rigidity of the hardware. In the general machine design, on the one hand, the area of the circuit board is rarely made too large, and on the other hand, the large format will also cause deformation of the hardware, so most of them are within 300mm square. Most of the platforms carrying boards are made of cast iron or aluminum as a whole to ensure strength and rigidity.

2. The minimum wire diameter and wire distance that can be made are important indicators representing the precision of the machine, which reflects the positioning ability and accuracy of the tool tip. Most people have a misunderstanding here. They only see the effect of the minimum wire diameter, but ignore the minimum wire distance.

In fact, the minimum wire distance represents the level of the machine. The minimum wire diameter is determined by the positioning of the tool tip. Even if the tip of the tool is deflected, it can be repaired in the numerical value at the time of tool selection.

However, the minimum line distance cannot be concealed. Even if the tool tip is only 0.1mm wide, poor control and deflection during the movement will make the traces of the tool become very wide, and the two closely spaced All lines are broken. When purchasing a PCB engraving machine, you can also use this indicator to understand the control ability and assembly level of this product.

3. The maximum working speed refers to the moving speed of X and Y axes. In fact, in the circuit board engraving process, the speed of the PCB engraving machine is very low, but why should we emphasize this indicator?

On the one hand, high speed represents the driving ability of the motor, that is to say, it can made move quickly, and also stop quickly, and on the other hand, it also means that the assembly track, lead screw and other parallel relationships are good, and the damping is small, which will not affect the accuracy.

4、The high-speed operation of the spindle drives the tool like a sharp knife to cut melons, and the milled lines are beautiful and neat. But the high speed also sacrifices the life of the motor. Within the rated speed range of the same motor, if the speed is doubled, the life will be reduced by half. Therefore, it is not that the higher the speed of the PCB engraving machine, the better, but to achieve an ideal value.

How much does a PCB engraving machine cost?

How much does a PCB engraving machine cost

A PCB engraving machine generally will cost you more than $200, it depends. Different models and brands are sold in different prices. Also, your demands will affect the price a lot. A PCB engraving machine with better quality and performance tends to cost you more money. When purchasing a PCB engraving machine, you can visit more shops to compare the price and select one that can meet your requirements in a fair price.

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