India’s top 10 PCB manufacturers in 2022

India’s top 10 PCB manufacturers

PCB India is constantly working to develop its industry and stand in the competition. It isn’t easy to stand in the market when you have such big competitors around you. For years, India has been trying to become a large PCB manufacturing market; the efforts are paying off. Today India’s top PCB manufacturers are seeing strong returns, which is a great success.

The following is a list of the ten leading PCB manufacturers in India. The following section provides an overview of each manufacturer to give readers a basic understanding of these companies.

We choose these companies based on their performance through the years, their qualitative products, and their revenues. You can select any of these according to your preferences.

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Genus Electrotech Ltd.

Genus Electrotech Lt

Establish Time1994
Revenue$400 million
HeadquarterGandhigham, Taluka Anjar, Dist.Kutch.Gujarat

Company Profile

Genus Eletrotech Ltd. is the first Indian company to take over the entire manufacturing process of all types of electronics, from bare board PCBs to corrugated boxes. In India, genus electro tech ltd. is recognised as an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified company.

It has been serving the country for 15 years and manufactures a wide range of automobile, communication, information technology, and electronics products.

Genus Electrotech Ltd. is working on the prime minister’s mission of making Aatma Nirbhar Bharat. They established a new record for manufacturing double-sided PCBs in just one day.

Genus is also the first OEM partner of LG Electronics India.

Products & Services
Single sided PCB
●Double-sided PCB
●Multilayer PCB
● Metalclad’s PCB
●Design and Manufacture LED lights

Fine Line Circuits Ltd.

Fine Line Circuits Lt

Establish Time1989
Revenue$3 million
HeadquarterMumbai, Maharashtra
Official Website

Company Profile

This PCB manufacturing company has a good market reputation. It commits to manufacturing and delivering defect-free PCBs to customers. They are constantly improving services, process capability, and product range.

Services & Products
●High-frequency and microwave PCBs
●backplane PCBs
●high copper boards
●impedance controlled PCBs
multilayer PCB
●single-sided PCBs
●double-sided PCBs

AS & R Circuit India Pvt Ltd.

AS & R Circuit India Pvt Lt

Establish time1988
Revenue$5 million
HeadquarterGandhinagar, Gujarat

Company Profile

American Standard Circuits Inc. (ASC) and Ronak Circuits Pvt. Ltd. have formed AS&R Circuits India Pvt. Ltd. (RCPL). ASC has production plants in the United States, India, and china.

Top-ranked PCB manufacturing company AS&R reduces costs and delivers products to you faster by managing the whole supply chain process. AS&R makes it possible by fully controlling PCBs’ inventories, production, and sales.

Services & products
●Multi-layer PCBs
●Flexible PCBs
●RF metal backed
●Insulated metal
●Double layer PCBs
●Single layer PCBs
●RF Microwave

Mohite Electronics Pvt Ltd.

Mohite Electronics Pvt Lt

Establish time1991
Annual Revenues2-5 crore(INR)
HeadquarterPune, Maharashtra, India

Company Profile

Mohite Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted name among India’s leading PCB manufacturers and exporters. The company is an expert supplier of PCB as well as its manufacturing pieces of equipment. With the assistance of highly skilled personnel, the company can produce all types of high-quality PCBs ranging from single-layer to double-sided MCPCB. Mohit Electronics is also a leading manufacturer and exporter of high-density and high-reliability PCBs to the United States, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia.

Services & Products
●Aluminium clad PCBs
●Multilayer PCBs
●Double layer PCBs
●Single layer PCBs
●PCB capabilities

Garg Limited ( India Circuits Pvt Ltd.)

Garg Limited ( India Circuits Pvt Ltd.)

Establish time1995
Annual Revenues10-25 crore (INR)
HeadquarterChandigarh, India

Company Profile

India Circuits Ltd. is a substantial supplier and producer of single and double-sided printed circuit boards (PCBs). It exports and manufactures a variety of industrial instruments. It also delivers electronic components for the automotive, consumer electronics, lighting, telecommunications, television, and energy industries.

Garg Limited competes with the big names because of their international quality product. It uses cutting-edge technology regularly and has uncompromising quality assurance. It has three PCB manufacturing plants and a large tool room for quick production and supply.

IATF 16949-2016, ISO14001-2015, and UL certifications are all held by Garg Limited.

Products & Services
●Printed Circuit Boards
●Single-sided PCBs
●Double-sided PCBs
●Metal core PCBs
●HAL Printed Circuit Boards

Anand Electronics And Industries

Anand Electronics And Industries

Establish Time1974
HeadquarterTamil Nadu, Hosur, India
Revenues5.25 million
Official Website

Company Profile

Anand electronics is a reliable name in the production of high-quality circuit boards.

To produce superior-quality circuit boards for export, the company employs cutting-edge technology. They’ve also established a standardized manufacturing system, which is why their products are used worldwide.

Services & Products
●Single side PCBs
●Double side PCBs
●24 layers PCBs
●Fine pitch surface
●Quick turn prototypes
●Rogers Material
●Thermal Management- Metal core

Nimbeon Intertechnologies

Nimbeon Intertechnologies

Establish time2004
HeadquarterTamil Nadu, India
Revenue$14 million
Official website

Company Profile

Nimbeon Intertechnology earned a position among top companies in a short time by offering a wide range of Printed Circuit Boards. They provide services for printing, designing, and manufacturing PCBs. Nimbeon Intertechnology is a one-stop shop for all Printed Circuit Board requirements. The company is constantly improving its layout capabilities to accommodate today’s demanding circuit board specifications, enabling it to handle high-frequency designs for domestic and international clients.

Services & Products

●Designing PCB
●Systematic engineering
●PCB testing

Universal Circuit System

Universal Circuit System

Establish time1998
HeadquartersUttar Pradesh, India
Revenue$50-100 million
Official website

Company Profile

Universal Circuit is another prominent name in the PCB industry. They design, manufacture and supply PCB products all over the world. Universal Circuit is an authentic name today for providing products with high performance, long service life, and durability, thanks to years of hard work and experience.

Products & Services
●Printed circuits Board
●Single layered PCB
●Double layered PCB
●Metal core PCB
●LED lights

PCB(Print Circuit Board) Scientists

PCB(Print Circuit Board) Scientists

Establish time2003
HeadquarterHaryana, India
Revenue$5 Million
Official website

Company Profile

PCB Scientist provides high-quality services in PCB design, PCB repair, electronic components of all types, PCB assembly, and PCB fabrication. PCB Scientist is a solution for prototyping and designing services on single-layer to multi-layer PCBs using the latest technology.

Products & Services
PCB designing
●Custom Electronic design
●IoT Product design

Rapid Circuit

Rapid Circuit

Establish time2017
HeadquartersRajkot, Gujrat, India
Annual Turnover50 lakh-1 crore(INR)
Official website

Company Profile

Rapid Circuit is a top Indian Professional PCB designing and PCB manufacturing company. Rapid Circuit is one of India’s top ten Printed Circuit Board companies. They offer quick services for professionally designing circuit boards, including, Single layer Circuit Boards, Double layer Circuit Boards, and Multi-layer circuits are designed and supplied by them. Rapid Circuit obtains international standards for the design of single, double, and multilayer circuit boards.

Services & Products

●Single-layer PCB
●Double-layer PCB
●Multilayer PCB
●Print Circuit Board layout design
●Print Circuit Board CAM Front End Support and Engineering Services
●Print Circuit Board File Conversion and Gerber Editing
●Print Circuit Board Reverse Engineering Services


There are many more PCB manufacturing companies in India besides these ten. They are taking PCB manufacturing and design to the next level by utilising the latest technology. These are the top ten companies based on their customer satisfaction strategies. The PCB manufacturing companies mentioned above are world-renowned for their high-quality output. You can, however, select the one that best suits your needs.

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