China's new energy vehicle PCB market is expanding

China’s new energy vehicle PCB market is expanding

Recently, many new investments are put to automotive circuit boards, it seems that the car and the feeling of explosion! For example, the second phase project of Ji An SHENGYI Electronics has been started, and it is committed to building a nationally famous automobile panel production base, which is positioned as a smart PCB factory for new energy vehicles.

Also, Guangdong Dongguan invests more than 3 billion RMB, the project aims at the high-speed development of semiconductor industry, will build high-end PCB, BT circuit board and upstream and downstream industry projects in Dongguan, and the expected annual output value will exceed 2 billion, pointing to the automobile.China’s circuit board is moving towards new energy vehicles, grabbing and increasing energy efficiency!

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New expansion  points to “new energy vehicles” in China!

The beginning of a new round of industrial expansion should belong to the “new car”.And the new car is not only about new energy, but also intelligent Internet connection.Even Keqiang Li, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, has said that there is no established road for smart connected cars to learn from, and a Chinese plan for innovative development must be created. “

Intelligent connected vehicles have become a strategic commanding point for the development of AI, information and communications, big data and cloud computing, and also a strategic direction for the development of the global automotive industry,” he said.Indeed, the automobile has linked all Vientiane industries together.

In the field of circuit boards, circuit boards are more and more closely combined with new energy.Even Camelot Electronics Technology, a newly listed PCB maker, is the number one PCB supplier to new energy giant Contemporary Amperex Technology.

The person concerned said,they are committed to becoming a world-class manufacturer in the field of new energy vehicle circuit boards and a well-known enterprise with strong competitiveness in China circuit boards.” Also he made it clear that the IPO of Camelot Electronics Technology will be used to raise funds for new energy vehicles supporting high-end printed circuit board construction projects.

PCB industry

After the completion of the project, it can form an additional 1.2 million square meters of production capacity of rigid board, HDI board and rigid flexible combined board, enrich the company’s product categories and expand the company’s PCB production capacity.

For example, SHENGYI Technology has accounted for 25% of cars in the downstream segment this year, which is larger than other segments. SHENGYI Electronics PCB revenue and profit have a relatively good growth, mainly based on the automobile market, the proportion of the automobile is gradually increasing.

And SHENGYI Electronics, which has invested 1.3 billion RMB, has started its second phase PCB smart factory for new energy vehicles in Ji ‘an, Jiangxi Province, aiming at intelligent connected automobile products and serving global automotive electronic products customers.Shanghai Fast-PCB Circuit Technology has also just laid the foundation for a special Circuit board project, with production in areas such as automotive electronics.

new energy vehicle PCB

At present, the industry scale of automobile parts of China is nearly 5 trillion RMB, the future will be a period of concentration outbreak. Many circuit board enterprises are grasping the development of new energy vehicles and the continuous upgrading of automotive hardware and software.WUS Printed Circuit, also states that the performance of the automotive board market is expected to still exceed the overall PCB market in the next five years.

It indicates that in the automobile industry, driven by various disruptive trends such as electrification, intelligence and interconnection, more and more electronic technologies are applied to the automobile system, and the proportion of automotive electronics in the whole vehicle manufacturing cost is increasing, which has become an important symbol to measure the level of modern automobiles.

With the emergence of emerging demands in downstream areas such as automotive electronics, wearable devices, industrial control, medical devices, and 5G communications, the PCB industry has ushered in new growth points.The rapid expansion of China’s circuit board to the automotive field is showing that the future of the automobile new energy is highly anticipated.

In fact, if we rely too much on consumer electronics such as smartphones, the future of Chinese circuit board orders or revenue is also a worry.Recently, the supply chains of Apple, Google, Microsoft and other manufacturing giants, including Japan and South Korea, have accelerated their shift to India and Vietnam. And these production shifts, it is to many Chinese manufacturing industry caused a heavy blow. And this year many circuit boards over-rely on these orders, also eat a lot of pain.

In any case, the new round of expansion of China’s circuit boards for automotive boards is optimistic about the future of the broad market for new energy vehicles in the future. From the large expansion of CCL last year, to the crazy expansion of IC substrates in the first half of this year, to the rapid expansion of new energy vehicle boards today, it is the “three big leaps” of China’s circuit boards, or the three major opportunities continue to “new” Change”.

automotive board

The automobile is only the beginning

The important transformation of Chinese electronics

The trend of the automobile plate era is showing the important transformation of the new generation of industry. From fuel to electric, and then to intelligent “dual drive”.

The transformation of Chinese electronics from consumer electronics to autonomous driving vehicles illustrates the important trend of automobile from petrogas to electrification under the integration of high-speed artificial intelligence and 5G application, as well as new energy and new technologies.

In fact, companies that rely on consumer electronics, such as smartphones and watches, have suffered a big hit this year. Only out of the new turn, performance has a new “spring”.In the future, the automobilization of circuit boards in China will show the following trend characteristics.

PCB market

The car ecosystem is just the beginning

It can be said that the automobile ecology is the arrival of intelligent Vientiane ecology. The automotive ecosystem on the circuit board is just the beginning.

Imagine that the manufacturing of cars is no longer just about the car itself, it’s an ecology.At the same time, the shift to cars is an inevitable trend. Looking at the current international situation and the international competition and exclusion of science and technology, China’s circuit boards and semiconductors are bound to be the process of domestic substitution and self-improvement.

Take a look at current order trends. Google, for example, has plans to move Pixel production to Vietnam. According to the report, Google expects Vietnam to supply up to half of its Pixel phones next year. And so is Apple. Apple will also manufacture some iphones in India in 2022, while it already produces ipads and Apple Watches in Vietnam. About 10 per cent of Apple’s recent list of 200 top suppliers are already in Vietnam. Consumer electronics, it seems, are out of the question.

All these show that the transition is inevitable in itself, but also the inevitable trend of the international industry. The circuit board from the traditional heavy smartphone demand, to the car board steering is imperative.

automotive Printed Circuit Boards

Electrification is the “root of the industry”

Traditional energy has been severely impacted by the epidemic situation and international war in recent years, and it cannot even meet the needs of the current industry.

With the rapid development of new technologies and new materials, electrification is the “root of the industry”. Other new energy sources, such as hydrogen energy, are also rapidly developing and replacing the previous oil and gas.It can be said that electrification is the “root of the industrial industry”, and it is also the “root of the industry” for China’s circuit boards to take domestic substitution.

In the context of electrification, the chain of automobiles has also changed from a single vehicle to a complete ecology of the vehicle, which has also extended a lot of space for the development of circuit boards. Such as from the intelligence of the car. 

The ecosystem including car and smartphone connectivity is also changing. Including the energy storage of the car, the copper foil of the battery, the link between the car and the society, and the construction of the digital ecology… These are all inseparable from the support of the circuit board

New energy must shift from “car” to “industrial” ecology

Car is only an epitome of industrial ecological transformation and upgrading, or an important performance at the moment. But the car is not the end, the real circuit board future is the endless ecological chain of industry.

From cars to energy storage, digitalization, to virtual display. As the arrival of important times in the metaverse, including the acceleration of the era of high definition and large screens, the space of circuit boards is dramatically enlarged.

From smart hardware, to smart phones, and then to the automobile chain derived from the multiple “smart terminal vientiane link”, which is to bring a huge growth market space for circuit boards. It is also very possible that China’s automotive circuit board will surpass the whole PCB market in other fields in the future as a result of the replacement process of automobile from petrol-gas to electrification.

automotive PCB assembly


It can be said that under the background of global new energy, Chinese circuit boards must also shift from “car” to “industrial” ecology. China’s circuit boards must also evolve from the rapid expansion of automotive boards to a huge period of “whole industry” replacement and upgrading in the future.

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