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This includes sourcing and installing wiring harnesses and cables, designing and installing any sub-assembly components, and putting the whole package together in a customized enclosure. Other steps in a box build may include software loading and system configuration, packaging and labeling, and more.

Additionally, the product may be subject to burn-in or functional and final testing as part of the quality control process. Following a box build, the completed unit may be drop-shipped directly to the customer or sent back to the manufacturer for additional packaging or testing.

Focused on continuous improvement, we commit to always optimize and streamline the assembly process, making it more efficient for our customers and therefore more competitive in their markets. With our high-end electronic manufacturing services, dedicated manufacturing areas and teams, trained towards excellence to perform box build assembly at the highest level of quality, we commit to supporting you growing and strengthening your position on your market, as an extension of your team. 

As an electronic contract manufacturing company, we aim to bring our client to excellence.

How to Choose the Right Box Build Assembly Services

Every assembly partner takes a different approach to the box build process. The right company for your project will have the experience, capabilities and certifications to meet and exceed your requirements.

When searching for box build assembly services, consider these factors:

  • Industry-specific needs: Does the company meet critical standards in your industry such as FDA regulations?
  • Turnaround time: How quickly can they deliver results, especially in quick-turn deliveries?
  • Proximity: How close is the facility operate to your company and your customers?
  • Equipment: Does the facility have advanced equipment that can create accurate and efficient results?
  • Ethical practices: If your business has ethical considerations, does your assembly partner operate in line with those ethics?
  • Custom capabilities: What types of custom capabilities can the partner offer to your company?
  • Communication: Does the company clearly and frequently communicate with you during the box build assembly process?

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How Is a Box Build Assembly Done?

Every box build assembly involves a unique process that depends on the client’s specifications. To understand your project requirements, your assembly partner may request these documents:

Bill of materials

Bill of materials

Your project’s bill of materials includes some of the most important information for the box build assembly process, including the project’s components and materials.

3D CAD model

3D CAD model

A 3D CAD model of your project provides your assembly partner with a visual overview of your desired results. Many companies also have CAD packages that allow them to use CAD drawings in the assembly process.

Product dimensions

Product dimensions

Your unit’s size and weight influence your assembly partner’s handling, storage and shipping procedures. This information helps them complete the box build assembly process more efficiently.

Prototype unit

Prototype unit

Sample units provide your partner with visual and physical information about your intended results. If you don’t have a CAD drawing of your project, some companies can develop a design based on a prototype.

Testing use cases

Testing use cases

Consider providing your partner with testing use cases. Most companies can help develop use cases for your product testing. If you have electrical testing knowledge, you could also create your own use cases.

Shipping information

Shipping information

By determining how to package and ship your product before building, you give your assembly partner important information. Your packaging and shipping information influences how the company will complete the other steps in the process.


You ask, we answer

As one of the most cost-effective and high quality PCB fabricator and PCBA service provider, we are having 80+ new engineers using our services for their research work.

During the PCB assembly service you might encounter diverse pricing from project to project. The pricing calculated through multiple factors such as: 1. amount of the Pcb assembly components 2. PCB layers, 3. PCBA layers (top and bottom or just a single layer) 4. components cost, 5. tests and certification  In order to ensure low cost and fast production, always ensure design quality and prototyping before mass production. the larger the quantity during the PCB assembly mass production, the lower the price of PCB assembly service will be. Another factor will be if you choose only PCB assembly or one-stop-service . We suggest to let us handle all the components purchasing, assembly and production in order to ensure lower price and higher consistency.

IBE has 18 years of accumulated knowledge of PCB assembly service. We have developed a custom MES system in order to ensure top quality at every production. IBE support prototyping and mass pcb production. We verify and test all our PCB components before PCB assembly fabrication. We use high-quality materials such as “ALPHA” Japanese solder paste. IBE ensure to package all the products well during delivery. During the Pcb assembly fabrication, our customers are able to see real-time data of the production process and status. We have an enormous facility with dozens of SMT lines that are able to tackle any project at different size and requirements . IBE source our components from trusted suppliers and manufacturers. We perform AOI and advance X-Ray tests on all the fabricated hardware. We ensure pcb assembly quality over the entire manufacturing procedure. If you are looking for quick turn PCB assembly manufacturer, IBE is here to serve you. We take your project from idea to mass production.

Yes. This practice is called partial Turn-key. You can supply some parts, and we source the rest of the parts on your behalf. We will ask for your approval for anything that is not sure at our side. In case parts crossing or substitution is needed, we will again ask for your final approval.

Yes, We have the ability to handle BGA of 0.25mm pitch with X-ray testing. For BGAs, there are two designs with via on pad and via near pad connected by shorter trace. We need to tent and fill any vias near pad of the BGAs with solder mask to ensure the soldering quality. But for vias on pad, we need to fill via with resin to make sure good soldering quality.

Excessive parts do exist because we will ask for some percentage of overage for consigned/kitted orders, or we will buy more for the same purpose for those Turn-key orders. You can either ask us to ship back to you these unused parts together with the loaded boards, or keep them in our shelf for your next order. All up to you.

PCB assembly process is the process of taking a printed circuit board and assembling components on it. The PCB either be assembled on the top layer or both top and bottom layers.The components need to be purchased, tested, and finally fabricated and assembled on top of the PCB board. IBE offers all the PCB assembly services. one-stop-service for the PCB assembly process include manufacturing, production, testing, purchasing, packaging. During the PCB assembly process, whenever you choose a one-stop-service solution or a single PCBA service, IBE will ensure top quality and consistency over all the products manufactured during the PCB assembly service.

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In depth understanding of PCB box build assembly


Humans try to achieve targets goals in minimum time possible by handling two or more things simultaneously which often result in delayed output and , confusion and lack of productivity. Similarly, designing a PCB board, circuit simulation and fault troubleshooting can be a lot of work for design team. Local PCB box build service contract manufacturers provides PCB manufacturing, testing, wiring, assembling, power supply, control panels, etc services known as PCB box build assembly service to the customer which relieve design team to focus on solely research and development.

box build assembly

What are the applications of PCB box build assembly?

A box build is PCB board assembly which is housed in an enclosure and provide connectivity to other devices if required. Its application ranges from medical, industry, military, consumer product, fire and safety equipment, etc. It is necessary for all types of PCB board be it fixed in a car or a satellite. The box build provide PCB board protection and safe environment to work smoothly regardless of the temperature, pressure, humidity of the environment.

  1. The military requires special standard electronic component device which can work properly in remote areas and at high altitude.
  2. In medical field, electronic equipment are required to work with radiation and electromagnetic wave to diagnose diseases.
  3. In consumer product, the electronic device are required to be rough and can handle pressure and fall from certain height.
the applications of PCB box build assembly

What are the advantages of box build assembly?

The PCB box build assembly service contractor provides services of PCB assembly manufacturing which is a detailed and precise process including different steps of fabrication, design modification, electronic components fixing, testing and quality check. The box build assembly also provide cable laying, cable connection, control panel and power supplies services which pace up the product manufacturing process and saves time.


What is the process of box build assembly?

The process of box build assembly requires unique and tailor made services to meet the customer demand. The common process of box build assembly starts with the design of PCB board and enclosure dimensions to include:

  1. Enclosure fabrication
  2. Installation of components and sub assemblies
  3. Assembly of product
  4. System level assembly
  5. Labeling and packaging
  6. Testing
  7. Software loading and system configurations
  8. Aftermarket service
  9. Traceability and warehousing

What are the key considerations in box build assembly?

Box build or system integration typically includes fabrication of enclosures,routing and installing of cables and components installing. Box build assembly is the final end product which can be use by the consumer without the fear of any electrical shock, malfunctioning and short circuit because these all thing are kept in mind while designing box build assembly. The environment friendly and safety is the crucial part of box build assembly. Some box build assembly also require electromagnetic equipment like pneumatic valve, solenoid, etc. Packaging is design in such a way to accommodate all necessary equipment and also keeping ventilation in mind. But the key thing to consider in a box build assembly are:

Bill of material(BOM): It defines the budget of the product and monitors all the materials required for the product. Sometimes the sources of materials are also mention to maintain the standard of the product. Small items like tape, soldering wire, identifiers, cable tie, etc need to be define in the bill of materials to monitor any unnecessary item purchase.

Assembly: A layout diagram is required with a CAD file of the product to box build. A number of software are available to design product on CAD in order to prevent any money or time loss.

Sample unit: A sample unit is like a working prototype of the product which helps in drawings checking in case of any malfunctioning

Dimension: Dimensions are important before design and manufacturing to meet the size and weight demands of the client.It also effects packaging type and design of the product.

Testing: For electrical systems, testing is mandatory to prevent any after sell blunders. Electrical safety tests like earth bond, flash test, short circuit is check for proper functioning of the product.

key considerations in box build assembly

What can PCB box build assembly services provide you?

The box build assembly contractor provides tailored services to the client. The client decides which services are necessary for their product to work properly in different work environment. PCB board are used in military, medical and industry requires special testing and screening process. But typically few basic services are provided by all box build contractor which are:

  1. Assembly of product
  2. System level assembly
  3. Labeling and packaging
  4. Testing
  5. Software loading and system configurations
  6. Aftermarket service
  7. Traceability and warehousingroduct
PCB box build assembly services

What are the benefits of good box build assembly services?

There are a number of benefits which a good box build assembly service provides to the customer. It provides long smooth operations of PCB based control system with low maintenance. It is ideal for remote areas projects where human interaction is minimal and it is dependent on renewable energy with minimization of overall cost.

How to select a right box build assembly manufacturer?

Different electronic devices requires different category of build box assembly. The best way to select a box build assembly manufacturer is by first understanding your product audience e.g. medical, military, industry, etc. After that determine your budget and target those box build assembly manufacturer which have good customer feedback and their product are available in the market.
select a right box build assembly manufacturer


At design and research level electronic PCB board assembly are focus to complete desired task. But at consumer end they are required to work properly under any given condition which are normal to human for example nominal temperature, nominal pressure, humidity, etc. The process that brings electronic PCB board from lab to consumer end and make it functional is called box build assembly. It provides enclosures and connectors for other devices to connect to it.